Thursday, July 19, 2018
Thursday, July 19, 2018
2012 SOFEW Annual Meeting Presentations

Potential of Woody Biomass Co-Firing for Power Generation in the U.S. Northern Region
Francisco X. Aguilar, Michael Goerndt, Stephen Shifley, Nianfu Song

Timber Sale Tract Characteristics across the US South
Shawn Baker, Dale Greene, Tom Harris

Uneven-aged management, economics, tree diversity, and the supply of carbon storage
Joseph Buongiorno, Espen Halvorsen, Ole Martin Bollandås, Terje Gobakken, Ole Hofstad

An Evaluation of Loblolly Pine Management Regimes under Carbon Credits
Umesh K. Chaudhari, Matthew Pelkki

Analysis of the economic impact of wood-related industries on thirteen southern states
Ernest Dixon, Karen L. Abt

Reducing Timberland Portfolio Risk Through Strategic Diversification
Chung-Hong Fu

Private Forest Landowner GHG Mitigation in the Southeast: Where is the Carbon?
Christopher S. Galik, Brian C. Murray, D. Evan Mercer

Decision analysis models to effectively integrate forests into climate change policies
Laurie Gharis, Joseph Roise, Fred Cubbage

Private Lands to Mitigate Public Endangered Species Act Mandates
J. Viola Glenn, Fred Cubbage, Ron Myers

Family Forest Owners and Federal Taxes
John Greene, Brett Butler, Jake hewes, Michael Kilgore

Applied ecosystem services in working forests: A direct market valuation
D. Stuart Hale

A review of the size of forest holding/parcelization problem in family forest literature
John E. Hatcher, Jr., Thomas J. Straka, John L. Greene

Preliminary examination of eco-labeled wood and paper products markets in North America and Europe
Hanna-Lotta Heikkonen

The Forest Agent-Based Landowner Economy (FABLE)
Jesse Henderson

Factors affective availability of wood residues from wood processing facilities in Mississippi
Omkar Joshi, Donald L. Grebner, Ian A. Munn, Stephen C. Grado, Robert K. Grala, James E. Henderson

TIMOS investments in Brazil: Current status and prospects for the future
Bruno Kanieski da Silva, Silvana Nobre, Luiz C. E. Rodriguez, John C. Welker, Christopher N. Singleton

The "New" Face of Timberland Ownership
Brent Keefer

Bootstrap simulation and response surface optimization in forest management
Jingjing Liang, Joseph Buongiorno, Robert A. Monserud

Bootstrap simulation and response surface optimization in forest management
Jingjing Liang, Joseph Buongiorno, Robert A. Monserud

Comparing the Amenity Value of Public and Private Green Space: An Applicaiton of a Two Stage Hedonic Model
James C. Mingie, Neelam C. Poudyal, Darla H. MacDonald

Analysis of the Spatial Price Linkage between Forest Products Markets in the South and Northwest
Zhuo Ning, Dr. Changyou Sun

Do Forest Products Prices Display Long Memory?
Kutr Niquidet, Lili Sun

Forest Policy and Management in Uruguay
Virginia Morales Olmos

Analyzing Risk in Timberland Portfolio Allocations: A Coherent Risk Measure Approach
Stanislav Petrasek

Spillover effect of habitat conservation programs on supply of private acreage for hunting in Georgia
Neelam C. Poudyal, J.M. Bowker, Gary T. Green, Mike A. Tarrant

Serial and Potential Copycat Intentional Fires and the Magnification of Law Enforcement Efforts in Spain
Jeffrey P. Prestemon, Maria Luisa Chas-Amil, Julia M. Touza, Scott L. Goodrick

The Economic Value of Mangroves: A Meta-Analysis
Marwa E. Salem, D. Evan Mercer

Cost-share program effects on forest management by non-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners: Evidence from the Northern region
Nianfu Song, Francisco X. Aguilar, Brett J. Butler

An Analysis of Transaction Price Changes in US Timberland Markets Over the Past Decade
Blake Stansell, Sam Rorabaugh, Jeff Wikle

Long Term Supply Agreements and their effect on Volatility and Price Premiums

Price and Volume Dynamics of Securitized Timberlands
Changyou Sun

Dependence between Area and Duration of Wildfires: Distribution Patterns and Extremal Behavior
Changyou Sun

The role of U.S. timberland assets in a mixed portfolio under the mean-CVAR framework
Yang Wan, Mike Clutter, Bin Mei, Jacek Siry

Applied Forest Economics at Work
Court Washburn

Assessing the Financial Performance of Timberland Investment
Wenjing Yao, Richard Mei, Mike Clutter

Institutional Timberland Ownership in the U.S. South: Magnitude, Location, Dynamics, and Management
Daowei Zhang, Brett Butler, Rao Nagubadi

Investing in carbon offset projects under climate policy uncertainty: A conceptual model
Mo Zhou

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